Illegal housing schemes in Attock have come under the radar of NAB and FIA

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Illegal housing schemes in Attock have come under the radar of NAB and FIA

Illegal housing schemes in Attock  have come under the radar of NAB and FIA

ISB/Illegal housing schemes in Attock District Council have come under the radar of NAB and FIA. Report sought from Deputy Commissioner Attock. Tehsildar Fateh Jang Chaudhry Shafqat Mahmood started the operation. According to the sources, Atikman is currently full of housing schemes, some of which are approved and most of them are illegal and some of them are totally fake. The money has been looting and looting, so the people have their ownInterest is informed that before investing in any housing scheme please satisfy the following matters from District Council Attock to avoid any fraud and financial loss. 
Is the Housing Scheme, Land Sub-Division approved by District Council Attock
Whether the plot you are purchasing is part of an approved scheme and the plot size corresponds to the approved LOP. 
Whether the flat, apartment, shop you are buying is part of approved LOP and approved building or not. 
If this is not the case, do not be deceived by attractive advertisements and follow the instructions given to protect your investment from fraudsters. Before proceeding, confirm that the NOC andWhether all legal regulations are complete or not. 
Note: It is a warning for public awareness that before constructing any commercial construction such as shop, plaza, service station, hospital, school, petrol pump, marriage hall etc. will be brought in and through newspaper advertisement of the following housing societyOwners and Developers are also warned to refrain from illegal construction work, buying and selling, otherwise legal action will be taken against you. 
Details of illegal housing societies are given below
Samhan Housing Scheme, Mirza, Attock
Kamra Model Town Haji Shah Attock
Number Ban Housing Scheme Azang Attock
Uzmi Green Housing Scheme Darmiyan Attock
Air Force Housing Scheme Chichi Bahadur Khan etc Hazro, Attock
Serverline (Land Sub-Division) Bahadur Khan Hazro
Jatial Town Jatial Hazro
Ghazi Park Town Haniyan Hazro
Indus City Kadanti Hazro
Smart Orchard Farms Bahadur Khan Hazro
New City Housing Scheme Phase 2 Chakra Bakra, Jhang Hasan Abdal
Multi Orchard Housing Scheme Chakra Bakra Jhang Hasan Abdal
AWC Housing Scheme Sabz Pir Hasan Abdal
Khyber City Housing Scheme Khudo, Gharshin Hasan Abdal
Wah Township Dilu Hasan Abdal
Khyber City Executive Block Islamgarh Hasan Abdal
NDC Welfare Society Pandmalbi, Lindi, Pathargarh etc. Hasan Abdal
NETS City Pathargarh Hasan Abdal
POF Employees Housing Scheme Dilu Hasan Abdal
Hassan Abdal Model Village by Hassan Abdal
Muhammad Yaqub Land Sub-Division Tas, Burhan Hasan Abdal
Pak Green City Mauza Islamgarh, Burhan Hasan Abdal
Idol Angio Gharshin Hasan Abdal
Hazara Town Bhalar Jogi Hasan Abdal
Kohistan Anglio Malbi Pind Kotli Hasan Abdal
Abdul Wahab Land Sub Division Sabz Pir Hasan Abdal
Shaheen Anglo Islamgarh Hasan Abdal
Mubarak Town Dilu Hasan Abdal
World RCCI State Quot Mondaki Hasan Abdal
Wah Model Town Housing Scheme (Exlension) Kacha Hasan Abdal
Rehbar Builders, Khyber Villas Gharshin Hasan Abdal
May Fair Housing Scheme Qutbal, Sangyal Fateh Jang
Graceland Phase 2 Qutbal, Mangyal Fateh Jang
Gulzar Sir Syed Housing Scheme Jhang Fateh Jang
Islamabad Ko Operative Housing Scheme Bingo Canal Fateh Jang
Faisal Town Housing Scheme Murt Fateh Jang
PIAEWThousing al-Faisal Inc. Murt Fateh Jang
Al-Madinah City Jobbad Fateh Jang
Zircon Acosti Murt Fateh Jang
Highland City Canal Victory Battle
Alnoor City New Chitral Canal Fateh Jang
GFS-7 Builders Thatti Gujran Fateh Jang
Islamabad Garden Thatti Gujran Fateh Jang
Silk Town Thatti Gujran Fateh Jang
Graceland Phase Two Qutbal Fateh Jang
New Lip Ink Canal Thatti Gujran Fateh Jang
Liaquatabad Sedkal Fateh Jang
New Park Innocence Gilial Fateh Jang
Habib Reid Yadansia Raman Fateh Jang
Hashmi Residence Gharbiwal Pind Yakhab
Al-Mizan Walaz Dandi Pind Yakhab
Risala Agar and Farm Housing Scheme Kamdial Pind Yakhab
Nowshera City Housing Scheme Nowshera Pind Yakhb
Sikandar City Thatta Jund
Badi Town Khanda Jund
Warning: It is important to clarify here that in spite of this, if a person buys and sells in any illegal society, he himself will be responsible for the same and the department will not be held responsible for it and the above societies. Cyber ​​Crime Department FIA Islamabad to stop advertising on social media, electronic mediaBefore investing in any housing scheme, get information from the office of the District Officer Planning, District Council, Attock.

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